Data Network Cabling and Containment

Most businesses and homes also rely on data in some way, whether it’s a simple internet connection or a full-fledged server environment. To keep the phones ringing, computers working, and servers functioning, make sure your data cabling is properly installed and secured by a suitable source of containment. One Way Electrical has a team of professionals who can help businesses achieve the finest network performance by keeping fibre optic and data connections safe from risks.

Your data and network cabling will be installed and contained by Scott Electrical. This guarantees that your electrical infrastructure is functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing


Our data cabling service in Leeds provides customised cable containment solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Different types of cable require different types of containment, and there are many options available. However, if the wrong system is chosen, either for the location or the type of cables within, your business could suffer major outages later. Aside from the type of cable, the type of property must also be considered for the containment to be put safely, such as in schools, nursing homes, or public spaces, where data cabling must be hidden and out of reach for maximum safety.

Data and Network Cabling

There is no data cabling project too small or big for our expert professionals, from installing phone lines for small start-up enterprises to keeping the data of individuals safe on behalf of our clients. Our team uses a combination of cable ladders, cable trays, trunking, conduit, and wire baskets to ensure that cable containment is safe, clean, and fault-free so that your business may improve, grow, and thrive while remaining online.

Our Cabling and Containment Services in Leeds

  • Inspection and assessment of the site
  • Design and implementation of a cabling system
  • Structured cabling system to improve voice and/or data performance and durability.

Scott Electrical ensures you have enough network and phone points to keep your business active and your customers satisfied, whether it’s as part of a new construction or a refurbishment project.

Leeds Electrician for Electrical Installations, Repairs, Testing and Inspection

Whether it is part of a new office build or refurbishment project, we ensure you have the right network and data points to keep your business communications up to date. As a Leeds Electrician, we’re experienced in all aspects of data network cabling and containment and offer advice on the best way to network your building.

We also provide local electrical work including:

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